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Q.PEAK-G5-DUO-320 Q Cells 320W Mono Q Peak Duo G5 Black Frame Panels – Monocrystallines

  • Rating: 320W
  • Efficiency: 19%
  • Width: 1,000mm
  • Height: 1,685mm
  • Price per watt: (37.0p/Wp)

The new Q.PEAK DUO-G5 is a monocrystalline solar module with power classes up to 330 Wp and an efficiency of 19.9 %. Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar modules offer higher yields over smaller surface areas. This is made possible by the new generation of Q.ANTUM’s world-record-holding cell concept which has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry half cells and a six-busbar design. The Q CELLS Anti LID Technology eliminates light induced degradation (LID), which can greatly reduce system performance, almost completely. Other conventional monocrystalline solar cells will lose much of their initial performance, once exposed to sunlight. With Q.PEAK DUO-G5 this is not the case, thanks to Anti LID Technology.

JA Solar Smart Module 300W SK Percium Mono AB

JA Solar

Data Sheet
JA Solar Smart Module 300W SK Percium Mono AB 

Panels – SolarEdge Smart

  • Rating: 300W
  • Efficiency: 18.3%
  • Width: 991mm
  • Height: 1,650mm
  • Price per watt: (47.5p/Wp)


LG 300W Mono X Plus A5


LG 300W Mono X Plus A5
Panels – Monocrystallines
  • Rating: 300W
  • Efficiency: 17.5%
  • Width: 1,016mm
  • Height: 1,686mm
  • Price per watt: (43.3p/Wp)
LG MonoX® Plus
The LG MonoX® Plus is an extremely robust P-type module that maintains high performance by using LG’s LiLY Technology
MonoX® Plus with LiLY Technology
LiLY stands for ‘LID-Improvement for Lifetime Yield’. Conventional P-type solar modules suffer from initial performance degradation called LID(Light Induced Degradation). The combination of Boron and Oxygen is widely known as the main cause of LID. LiLY Technology suppresses the Boron-Oxygen association (and consequently the LID effect), by forming a Boron-Hydrogen pair in the cell manufacturing process
MonoX® Plus – Extreme Physical Durability
The LG MonoX® Plus’s stress endurance is rated to handle up to 6000 Pa on the front side and up to 5400 Pa on the rear side.
Improved Product Warranty
As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG has extended the product warranty of the LG MonoX® Plus from 15 years to 25 years

Data Sheet LG02.4581_MonoXPlus_Siegel_EN_1805_RZ

Viridian Clearline 300W Mono All Black BIPV


Viridian Clearline 300W Mono All Black BIPV
Panels – Monocrystallines
  • Rating: 300W
  • Efficiency: 18.4%
  • Width: 992mm
  • Height: 1,640mm
  • Price per watt: (73.9p/Wp)
Roof Integrated solar PV – CLEARLINE Fusion Why Choose Fusion?

  • Economical – price comparable with above-roof installation
  • Rapid – push-fit connections create weather-tight and secure fixing
  • Compact – industry leading panel spacing packs in more power
  • Sleek – invisible clamps for uncluttered aesthetic
  • Simple – no need for roof modifications
  • Robust – wind resistance is more than four times higher than competitor products
  • Universal – works with slate and tile

Clearline fusion PV16 solar PV panels for roof integration are available in a range of power output and styles. Monocrystalline-black Monocrystalline silicon solar cells are cut from a block of silicon that has been grown as a single crystal. This produces deep black cells with a very high degree of colour uniformity both across the panel and between different panels. We couple these cells with a black backing sheet and a black frame for the last word in high specification aesthetics. Available as a 270Wp panel (product code PV16-270) and 300Wp panel (product code PV16-300).

Data Sheet Clearline-fusion-PV16-Data-Sheet.

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