Anglesea Heights Nursing Home – Bupa UK – Installation of PV System

Working in partnership with Photon, we recently completed an installation of a 98kw system on the pantile roof of the Anglesea Heights Nursing Home.

With round the clock occupancy their electricity usesage is higher than most, this system will have a significant impact on their energy bills as they are such a high user.

Special consideration was taken during the installation to respect the residents, keeping noise to a minimum and observing Health and Safety guidelines.anglesea-heights-exterior-001-912x325

6KW PV at Salhouse

We have installed a 6kw system at The Lodge, Salhouse
on a slate roof using solar limpits and 265w Canadian Solar modules
This array has some shading so the end result here will be a production of around 5000 units of electricity per year. Salhouse Lodge is a busy place especially in summer so they will use virtually all of that. So that’s 5000 units of electricity per year that they won’t have to buy.