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EV Charger Installers

A convenient way to recharge the batteries in your electric vehicle

Dedicated EV Charging Points

Have you recently purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and are wondering what is the best method to recharge the large cell batteries that power the electric motor in your vehicle?

There are a number of electric charging points located at fuel stations throughout the UK, making charging on-the-go a simple and hassle-free task. But what about charging at home?

EVs come with a standard 3-pin plug, but it can take up to 20 hours to recharge the batteries in full using a standard domestic socket.

A far more convenient way to recharge the batteries in your electric vehicle is from a dedicated EV charging point.

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EV Charger Installation | Green Solar Footprint
EV Charger | Green Solar Footprint

Approved Installers

Here at Green Solar Footprint, we are approved installers of many brands of domestic EV chargers including Rolec and Zappi.

Charging your vehicle from a dedicated point installed on an outside wall of your property is considered much safer than using a standard socket, which may overheat. It is much faster too, with a full charge achievable in around 8 hours.

To ensure your vehicle has enough charge on any given day, simply plug it in before you go to bed and allow it to recharge in full overnight as you sleep. When you wake, you can set off on your journey without the hassle of visiting the nearest power station with an EV charging point.

Rolec EV Charger | Green Solar Footprint
Zappi EV Charger | Green Solar Footprint
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Why use Green Solar Footprint?

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a dedicated EV charging point installed at your property.

Being fully qualified, local electricians, we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to installing your chosen charger and can offer you a very competitive price.

What’s more, we are OLEV approved installers of smart EV chargers which means you may be eligible to receive up to £350 towards the cost of the installation work.

Contact Us

To learn more about domestic charging points or to book a date to have your EV charger installed, get in touch by calling 01603 559898

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