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The Quote

30 x PV16-405-M10 405-Watt Panels
(Viridian Solar)
1 x SUN2000-8KTL-M2 Inverter
(Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)
2 x LUNA2000-15-S0 providing 30kWh
(Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Net Financial Impact Split

Utility Bill Savings

Net System Cost

Estimated Net Savings

Adam Darling


September 2023 Installation

Initial Enquiry 28 Feb 2023 stating he was interested in a quote for solar PV and battery storage with a particular interest for viridian panels which are in-roof.

Adam lives in a large house with a complex roof space which is of historical interest being built around 1900. He was concerned that panels on his home would spoil the aesthetic of the building. However, they have an additional building housing a swimming pool and living accommodation which would work very well.

Adam from the start provided us with excellent information as he had clearly done a lot of research and pretty much knew what he wanted to achieve.

The pool roof is Sout/East facing with minimal shading from the surrounding trees. Being a big property with the is running costs of a heated swimming pool Adam’s electricity usage was very high at 33,580 kWh pa, and the property has gas central heating. These are all factors we consider when calculating payback on investment.

Adam was referred to us by a friend who had previously used our services and had been very impressed with our professionalism. Following a few conversations regarding how this would be carried out, ensuring any additional cabling would be hidden we booked a site survey for June 23.

As several roof tiles would need to be removed, we engaged the services of a local roofer to move any tiles necessary and added these costs into our proposal for Adam. At the survey we discussed with Adam what he wished to achieve, measured the site, and inspected the consumer board. This is always a good time to ask any of the more technical questions as our survey engineer is extremely knowledgeable.

Environmental Benefits

Solar has no emissions, it just silently generates pure, clean energy.
Each Year
Of CO2, [][][][][][][][][]
3 tons
Avoided CO2 per year

We request a 25% deposit to confirm installation dates and then a further 25% payment as materials advance with the final payment being made after completion of the installation.

The installation went smoothly without hitches, and we were lucky to have a lovely sunny week to undertake the installation. The tiles removed from the roof were stacked carefully on pallets for Adam to sell afterwards.

Post Installation

The system continues to produce enough energy to service the requirements laid out in his initial request.

The Predictions

This was a larger system but still showed that it would pay for itself after 8 years and 10 months.

Anything after this date is saving money with a predicted net savings over the lifetime of the system of £90,993.00. The added benefit to the environment is equal to saving 3 tons of CO2 per year and over the lifetime of the system equates to 79,673 car Km avoided, 512 trees planted, and 57 long haul flights avoided.

Adam accepted our proposal and confirmed that the panels would be inset into the roof of the swimming pool complex and the inverters and batteries would be placed within that building in the corner of a garage where the 3phase distribution board was located. There was a need to cable between this and the incoming AC supply in the cellar of the house. Which was routed through the plant room of the pool and then under the gravel drive and into the cellar.

Over System Lifetime

Trees planted

Car km avoided

Long haul flights avoided

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