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The Quote

32 x Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G9 385 - 385 Watt Panels (Q CELLS)
1 x S5-GR3P13K (SOLIS Inverter)

This had to be installed under local planning guidelines “Providing that the panels would not protrude more than 0.2 metres beyond the plane of the roof slope when measured from the perpendicular with the external surface of the roof slope and that the panels would not be within 1 metre of the external edge of the roof then they can be installed under permitted development.”

Rackheath Community Council

Rackheath Pavillion

May 2023 Installation

We were approached by the Village Hall in July 23. This is a single storey community building with a south facing aspect.


They use approximately 32,156kWh per annum as it is open both during the day and evenings for the use of various clubs and meetings.

The property is heated by an air source heat pump and has electric mounted wall heaters. They were interested in Solar PV only for the building. Keen to reduce running costs and improve their climate aware credentials.

The Predictions

We Estimated that with an initial investment of £22k the system would pay for itself in 5 years and 3 months. Giving an estimated net savings of £110,154 in the lifetime of the system.

The installation went smoothly, and they now have a fully functioning system which is supplying the needs of the community building.

Environmental Benefits

Solar has no emissions, it just silently generates pure, clean energy.
Each Year
Of CO2, [][][][][][][][][]
3 tons
Avoided CO2 per year

Over System Lifetime

Trees planted

Car km avoided

Long haul flights avoided

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