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The Quote

12x Q.Peak-Duo-BLK-ML-G9 380W Panels (QCells)
1x RHI-3.6K-48ES (Solis Inverter)
1x Fox LV5200 (FoxESS)
6xTS4-A-S (optimisers)
1x Scaffolding

Net Financial Impact Split

Utility Bill Savings

Net System Cost

Estimated Net Savings

Simon Marfleet

Tunneys Barn

February 2023 Installation

Initial Enquiry was on 4th July 2022, and he was interested in solar PV and battery storage.

Simon lives in a detached converted barn with a south facing roof. He currently has oil fired central heating and uses approximately 5200kWh per annum. Simon came to us through recommendation of a neighbour and friend. Initially Simon was concerned about the aesthetic of his building being spoiled, but quickly concluded that generating their own electricity was of more importance.

We surveyed the barn in August 2022 and our design team provided Simon with two proposals to give him options, both quotes contained optimisers for the lower panels due to the shading of some quite large trees. After a little discussion and questions answered. Simon wanted to know the following before making his final decision:

  1. Was scaffolding included in the costs – the answer was yes.

  2. Was VAT at 0% - the answer was yes.

  3. Simon had concerns regarding how we would attach the panels to his roof and wanted to ensure we would not be screwing into the roof trusses.

  4. What guarantees are there if Green Solar Footprint should cease trading. This is covered under the MCS and RECC guarantees.

Once Simon accepted the proposal, he was sent an invoice to pay his deposit.

The Predictions

By installing this configuration, we estimated that the system would pay for itself after seven years and one month. This will provide utility bill savings of £31,505 minus the installation cost of £9,100 which will provide £22,405 estimated net savings during the lifetime of the system.

The environmental benefits provide a saving each year of 1 ton of CO2 avoided and over the lifetime of the system 32,748 care Km avoided, 211 trees planted or 23 long haul flights avoided.

Environmental Benefits

Solar has no emissions, it just silently generates pure, clean energy.
Each Year
Of CO2, [][][][][][][][][]
3 tons
Avoided CO2 per year

Over System Lifetime

Trees planted

Car km avoided

Long haul flights avoided

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