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The Quote

24 x PV16-405-M10 405-Watt Panels (Viridian Solar)
1 x S6-GR1P3K
1 x S6-GR1P6K (SOLIS)
1 x Tesla Powerwall 2.0
1 x Scaffolding
1 x RMVL (tile removal for in-roof system)

Net Financial Impact Split

Utility Bill Savings

Net System Cost

Estimated Net Savings

Dominic Swords

Orchard Gate

IP22 2FG

Dominic called us in November via our website. He has a 12kw heat pump and lives in a 2-storey new build south facing property. We surveyed a week later, and he had his quote the next day.


We gave Dominic a couple of quotes to provide choice. Dominics main concern was to reduce his running costs and long-term savings. But also, a system that did not spoil the aesthetic of his property.

The Predictions

With an initial investment of £21,395 the system will pay for itself within 12 years. Providing an estimated net savings of £27,750 in the lifetime of the system.


This would have the added benefit of avoiding the equivalent of 2 tons of CO2 per annum and over the lifetime of the system the equivalent of 61,427 car km avoided, 395 trees planted, and 44 long haul flights avoided.

Environmental Benefits

Solar has no emissions, it just silently generates pure, clean energy.
Each Year
Of CO2, [][][][][][][][][]
3 tons
Avoided CO2 per year

Dominic continues to be very happy with the system performance, which is producing energy even on cloudy days. He has happily showed off the new system to friends and neighbours, who we are now in discussions with to provide solutions for their properties.

Post Installation

Over System Lifetime

Trees planted

Car km avoided

Long haul flights avoided

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